Gathering Inspiration

When we’re working with clients we usually set up “private” pinterest boards to give us a good idea of their aesthetic sensibilities and start to get a real handle on their style/likes/dislikes, in previous years before I knew how to use pinterest (or maybe even before it existed) we would ask clients to compile magazine cut outs of things they like.

These kind of visual aids are much better at helping to explain design ideas or communicating what ‘feeling’ you want to achieve in your space.

On this one, it’s only my better half and I adding pins to the boards, you can set up individual boards – per room or per feature, it depends entirely on the scale of project you are undertaking. We will be adding more inspiration as we go along, feel free to have a good nosey at the boards (and make any suggestions/recommendations)

If you haven’t used pinterest before I would highly recommend it for any scale of project, you can spend a few minutes and find some gems, or disappear down the rabbit hole for days! You can let me know if you have any questions around it…

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